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Graver Inn

Graver Inn Apartments

Rental Information

Beyond Shelter Inc.
Phone: (701) 551-0481
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Project Details

Project Location

123 Roberts St. N. Fargo, ND 58102

Total Development Cost


Beyond Shelter’s Role

Rehabilitation, Owner, Property Manager

Unit Amenities

On-site laundry, full kitchen, and elevator.

Project Amenities

Located within walking distance to medical facilities, bank, shopping, churches, public transportation and other amenities.

Unit Profile

Total available: 60

Type No. Unit Size (sf)
1 Br. 58 423
2 Br. 2 440

Development Type

Multi-Family Rehabilitation

Placed in Service


Funding Sources

LIHTC, Fargo HOME, Otto Bremer Foundation, Fargo HRA Loan, Bank Loan


JLG Architects