Legacy Board Member Retires

Bev Rohde winds down 23 years of service on Beyond Shelter, Inc. Board of Directors.

FARGO, ND: Beyond Shelter, Inc. (BSI) announced the end of an era with the retirement of Bev Rohde from its Board of Directors. Bev has served on the Board of Directors for all 23 years of BSI’s operation. During her tenure, the organization gained development capacity and expertise while expanding its service area. When Bev’s hometown of Minot suffered devastating flooding in 2011, she supported BSI’s expansion into that market to expedite recovery efforts. During the oil play in western North Dakota, she again saw an opportunity for BSI to contribute to meeting the urgent housing needs that arose. Prior to her tenure with BSI, Bev had served on the Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority Board for many years. She and her late husband, George owned and operated Gallery West framing shop in Fargo for 25 years. The Beyond Shelter, Inc. board and staff want to share a big thank you to Bev for her legacy of compassion and advocacy for those most in need, and her commitment to the community. Bev did more than cut ribbons and shake hands, she was a true leader. Bev will step down from the Board in April to move closer to her family.

Bev Rohde

When asked what her time on the BSI Board has meant to her, she commented, “It is so gratifying to know that what started out as an idea all those years ago has grown into the successful organization that it is today. Beyond Shelter is a glowing example of what can happen when you include people that are smart, energetic, and dedicated to the mission. I’m blessed to have been a part.”

During Bev’s tenure on the BSI Board, the organization grew from a flicker of an idea to a full-scale mission driven real estate development organization. During her 23-year tenure:

  • Bev served as president for 13 years, and secretary for 8 years.
  • BSI grew from 1 employee to 13.
  • BSI broke ground on 45 housing developments, creating 1,231 affordable rental homes, and will break ground on another 378 homes this year.

BSI Board President, Bradley Stedman, offered his sentiments regarding Ms. Rohde, “Beyond Shelter has been incredibly fortunate to have Bev serve on its board of directors since the Organization’s inception 23 years ago. What an extraordinary milestone. We truly appreciate the contribution Bev has made to Beyond Shelter’s ongoing mission.” Dan Madler, CEO of Beyond Shelter noted, “The word that comes to mind when I reflect back on Bev’s contribution as a Beyond Shelter Board Member is gratitude. Bev’s generous investment of time, expertise, and guidance for the past 23-years has played a key role in Beyond Shelter’s growth and success in developing housing for those most in need and for that, I am forever grateful.”

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